Games and Minecraft

If you love Minecraft, this is another benefit we have implemented for our holders to enjoy. Why not play with other TACO lovers and be able to find TACOs across the server! This is a Taco Tribe holder only Play and Earn game. You will have the ability to buy NFTs within Minecraft with funds you acquire by selling items and simply playing the game. You will also be able to search for hidden NFTs around the world to find and redeem. To participate and enter the Taco Tribe Minecraft world, you must be a verified TACO NFT holder in our Discord server. Currently the Minecraft server has been put on hold. Partnered collections have now been implemented onto the Taco Tribe Minecraft server! Now holders from different collections will be able to join our server and play together! We want to create a collective of projects playing on the same server, so if you’d like to bring utility to your project make sure to fill out the partner form and get more info on our Discord!

We understand that there are many people who are not lovers of Minecraft. We wanted to ensure that we are able to cater to everyone, so we have our own series of simple games inspired by some of the most popular game genres . We have Taco Recall, Taco Tribe Clicker, Tappy Taco, Taco Runner and Taco Defense. An array of games to choose from. These games are not officially connected to our NFT project by smart contract. For now, these are additional fun benefits we wanted to offer to our community and can be found on our Website.

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