Since the launch of Taco Tribe NFTs back in October 2021, we have had some major wins and improvements made to our collection as a whole.

Initially, our collection was lazy minted on Opensea marketplace giving collectors easy access to our collection. We had the task of uploading the NFTs to Opensea individually which turned out to be 10 plus hours per week inputting the properties etc. After careful thought and consideration, we determined that in order to give our investors the best possible experience of owning a Taco Tribe NFT, we needed to convert to a smart contract which would give us the opportunity to provide more benefits and utilities. It was also very early for the collection so converting it when we did, we wanted to ensure we had minimal impact on the current investors as possible. We have so many great achievements that we are proud of.

The release of the $GUAC token, we’ve got our merch store; comic book in progress; games for the community to play; so many things are available to Taco Tribe owners and we will continue to work on improving our road-map and listen to what the community wants from this project. We are looking forward to what is to come over the next couple of months as we are focused on adding more value to our owners.

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