Uncompleted Targets

Monthly Comic Strip (On-going) - Every month we will release a 4 panel mini comic strip. Our comics will tell a story of the weekly adventures of the main Taco character.

Medium Targets

Comic Book - The comic book will be the collection of the monthly 4 panel comic strips previously issued put together to create the Taco Tribe comic book.

Casual Game - Development of RPG or other type of game not connected specifically to the contract address. Just something fun to kill time.

Long-Term Targets

NFT Play and Earn Game - Creation of a Play and Earn game connected to the Taco Tribe collection. Details still in development.

Animated Cartoon - The development of a 2D animated adventure of the taco base character Paco Taco. Details still in development.

Toys - We are to create physical pieces of the Taco Tribe for your hugging pleasure with TT plushies & figures.

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