What is $GUAC? Currently there are two stages to our token.

First, $QUESO is our discord token currency, through hourly work days, that you can accumulate and be able to mint more TACOs. You can earn $QUESO through playing games, work, daily claims, twitter posts about Taco tribe and showing support through Twitter raids. Your $QUESO can be redeemed for discord roles, NFTs and physical items.

Second, $GUAC has been deployed on the Polygon blockchain and is a reward for staking tacos on our Staking DApp. Many ideas are being throw around to bring utility to the token and will be ultimately decided by the community. Our first priority is to enable the purchase and sale of Taco NFTs and future collections. This has been done with our own marketplace where you can buy and sell NFTs using the token. Additionally we have launched mini collections. These collections are smaller in total supply and are only able to be minted with our $GUAC token.

More info on how to start earning $GUAC can be found in our Discord or on our Website.

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