Burn Mechanics

What does burn mean? Burning is essentially transferring NFTs or Cryptocurrency into a wallet that will never use, sell, transfer or touch them in anyway until the end of time...or the internet.
Why burn a taco? This will deflate the OG & current smart contract collection's total supply essentially making the remaining tacos "more rare."
The OG collection is basically stagnant & a reminder of where we started. You can burn 5 of them for a current smart contract taco.
In addition you may not like the current smart contract tacos you have. So you can burn 2 of them to get a new one to try to get one you like or possibly a rare mint. This is basically a gamble.
This burn wallet can be found here if you would like to take a look at all currently burned Tacos.
This burning mechanism is there for who wants it, you DO NOT have to burn a taco ever if you choose.