The idea of a Taco Tribe brand first came into existence back in 2012, being a personal project that I wanted to create for fun and was something different. I began to build a brand around the idea of Tacos, and started bringing it to life.

In 2015, the taco character โ€œPaco Tacoโ€ was born. Since my brand of tacos were already in existence, it was a smooth transition creating the Taco Tribe NFTs that you see today. Taco Tribe NFTs is a collection of 8,226 generative PFP (or Profile Picture) images.

We chose to launch our collection in the amount of 8,226 as it represented the spelling of โ€œTACO'' on your phoneโ€™s keypad. We saw that everyone was releasing 10,000 piece collections so we wanted to be different and unique.

All the original concepts were created by myself. I drew out what I wanted my Tacos to look like and I have an amazing artist who was able to bring my ideas to fruition. I also have an additional artist who continues to work with me to create the collaborative pieces and to bring the best out of these Tacos by producing new and exciting content as we progress through the different stages of the project.

The OG collection was uploaded directly to OpenSea but we eventually realized that this was hindering our growth. The OG collection is currently not being worked on and our focus is growing the smart contract collection and community. The OG collection is a reminder of where we started and where we are headed for.

The smart contract collection was launched in January 2022 to enable us to develop DApps, games, exclusivity & more. We realized that this had to be done to bring more benefits and utility to our investors for the long term. It is the collection that is connected to our DApps and we will continue working on it to provide more to our owners for the future.

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