In order to diversify the Taco Tribe collection and make each piece of intricate artwork fun and rewarding to collect, this set of 8,226 NFTs contains a variety of different traits. In total, more than 700+ hand-drawn traits are contained within this collection. Hats, facial assets, eyewear, items, shirts, pants, shoes, hand assets and wristwear with varying colors and rarities. New never before seen traits are added to the collection every 2,000 tacos minted to keep the collection fresh and exciting.
Along with many rare assets, you have a chance to collect a taco with a super rare one-of-one outfit. These outfits can be inspired by life, pop culture, collaborations with other NFT projects and more. Currently we have collaborated with over 30 projects, most of which also live on the Polygon blockchain.
In order to track the rarity of each asset we have enables OpenRank on OpenSea. This rarity tool allows the collector to search through the collection by rank and token ID number, but only shows rankings of NFT currently minted. Due to thins until the collection is sold out the rankings will change.