Airdrops & Claims

An NFT airdrop is a distribution of NFTs or digital assets that are sent to a web3 wallet address for free as a promotion, or as added value for participating in an experience or purchasing another digital asset.
Each month every Taco NFT holder is gifted a new NFT from our Airdrop Collection as a thank you for being part of our journey into the NFT space and our community. These pieces can range from collaborations with other projects, derivatives of popular NFT collections and more.
Image created by @CrazyBears​
Along with free NFTs in the form of airdrops, we have released a free claim NFT collection for our holders called Pixel Taco Tribe. This collection is able to be claimed for each Taco Tribe NFT. So if you own 20 Tacos, you are able to claim 20 NFTs from the free claim collection. Each NFT will only be able to be used to claim one time.