All members of Taco Tribe are completely doxed and passionate about building a community that has a strong identity. While we have several individuals working on creating assets, comics and other aspects of the project; currently Ryan Holmes is the only owner.
But we believe in full transparency and want people to know that we are here for the long haul and that goes the same for anyone who may join the project in the future. Our cause is too important so we want to ensure that we build that trust between us and our supporters.
Ryan Holmes has been creating social media content for over 12 years. From YouTube, Twitter, livestreaming on Twitch and other forms of social media. Self taught in graphic design, website building, social media promotion and more. At one time managing social media accounts for the crypto wallet BRD, which was recently purchased by Coinbase.
Ryan is no stranger to sharing the knowledge he has gained along the way. So far he has helped generate several collections, gone over smart contracts and explained the ins-and-outs of creating a NFT project with new members in the space. In doing this he has brought in people to his community that are willing to help others and build together.
Last modified 4mo ago