Taco Tribe

Taco Tribe (TT) is an NFT project that is delivering the delicious values of cuteness, creativity and knowledge to a global audience. By utilizing the creative potential of Web 3.0 technology, Taco Tribe is building a community of like minded individuals that want to learn about Web 3.0, blockchain & NFT creation.
Tacos are a Mexican dish that consists of a rolled or folded tortilla shell that can be filled with a variety of mixtures such as mince, cheese and other fillings. I wanted to turn a dish that most people love into a fun and exciting NFT project that can live in a space where people from all over the world can own, love and enjoy.
The Taco Tribe collection is made up of 8,226 algorithmically generated and hand-drawn NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. The delicious cute tacos live in a world deemed the Taco-verse living their everyday lives the best they can.